Profile: Dr. Richard Darling, a California dentist, founded the FAIR Foundation after surviving hepatitis C, diabetes, cirrhosis and cancer of the liver, coma, heart attack, hepatorenal syndrome, Muscular Dystrophy (myasthenia gravis) and three liver transplant operations. In 2014 he was diagnosed by biopsy, CT and PET scan, with oral and lung cancer and placed on Hospice with three months to live. After two months his symptoms disappeared and a new PET scan revealed he was cancer-free. He thanks God every day for each day and for each life that he has been blessed with.

This site and his book, Coma Life, detail how the unfairness in the distribution of funds directly affects all diseases, including the sixteen diseases (The 16) that kill more people in the United States than AIDS. Coma Life also educates on the need for the new organ-donor policy of Fi (Financial Incentives) to reverse America's organ-donor crisis.

Born and raised in Barre, Vermont, Dr. Darling, 68, was educated at Syracuse University, the University of Denver, and graduated from the University of the Pacific Dental School, San Francisco. He was named National Public Citizen of the Year by the National Association of Social Workers for his work with the FAIR Foundation, Coma Life, and helping patients in need of transplant in the FAIR Foundation Liver Disease & Transplant Support Group that he founded which has helped hundreds of patients and been instrumental in their lives being saved with transplant. If you or someone you know is suffering from severe liver illness without referral for transplant, phone the support group moderator, Jack Burke, 760-902-0790. Dr. Darling has given over 400 speeches promoting fair allocations of research and the testing of the new Fi organ-donor policy and he clarifies the facts versus the myths regarding the “Gift of Life.”

Genesis: In 1999 when Dr. Darling was becoming very ill yet again, he viewed an ABC network 20/20 segment by reporter John Stossel entitled “Disease Politics.” It was produced with facts supplied by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and graphically illustrated the unfair governmental bias that significantly favors AIDS over all other diseases, including the sixteen that kill more Americans than AIDS.  

“Disease Politics” introduced a courageous Parkinson’s Disease patient, Joan Samuelson, and her unending efforts to get more funding for Parkinson’s Disease, which is grossly under funded by the NIH. Dr. Darling was so inspired by Ms. Samuelson’ fight for justice and John Stossel’s reporting that he vowed to start a national organization to correct the unfair NIH and Congressional allocation inequities if he was blessed with a third transplant. Dr. Darling received the “Gift of Life” and, thus, the FAIR Foundation was born. 

In "Disease Politics" Congressman Istook of Oklahoma addresses this issue eloquently and states, "Getting NIH funding is 100 times greater if one has a politically correct disease."

Joan Samuelson, J.D., has persevered to be President of the Parkinson’s Action Network. John Stossel continues to expose unfair public matters on 20/20. He, Joan, Congressman Istook and the ADA are our heroes for having the courage to bring the injustices in Congressional and NIH research funding to the public’s attention.

The Director at the National Institutes of Health who oversees all HIV/AIDS funding has publicly spoken of their "breathtaking success with HIV patients living normal lives." That success is evident  by viewing the percent decline in deaths in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Be an Advocate for change; it's simple and quick: send our prepared letter to President Obama and your Congresspersons and ask for their support in obtaining fair and equitable distribution of bio-medical research funds by our government. You may also wish to send a similarly prepared letter in support of financially incentivizing organ donation to reverse America's organ-donor crisis 123,200+ patients waiting with one dying every 48 minutes.

All information is posted without profit or payment for research and is for educational purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107. FAIR Foundation is a federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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