Points of Interest on NIH Research Allocations as of 06/15/10

The CDC estimates 14,110 AIDS deaths in 2007 in the USA. To see the answer and the number of deaths in your state, click here. Note: we asked each state how many HIV/AIDS deaths they have; their answer: 10,111.

Cardiovascular Disease kills 864,000 every year, yet receives over 1/2 Billion less than AIDS with $26 spent on behalf of each CVD patient

The NIH is spending $3,032 on each citizen estimated as having HIV/AIDS

Diabetes kills more Americans than AIDS and breast cancer combined, yet the NIH spends only $42 on each  diabetic

Alzheimer's Disease kills 3.3 times more than AIDS, yet the NIH spends only $124 on each patient with Alzheimer's Disease

Parkinson's Disease death rate similar to AIDS yet the NIH spends $92 on each patient

Prostate cancer kills 2 times more than AIDS, yet the NIH spends only $171 on each patient with prostate disease

Hepatitis C (HCV) kills 12,000, yet the NIH spends only $23 on each HCV patient

Hepatitis B (HBV) kills 5,000, yet the NIH spends only $43 on each HBV patient

The flu (influenza) on average, now kills almost 4+ times more than AIDS. 
Flu: $327 million
AIDS: $2.3 Billion

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Dis.) = over 126,000 deaths yet the NIH spends only $7 on each patient

West Nile Virus cases in 2009: 637 cases and 28 deaths, which results in $1.5 million dollars spent in research per death. Does these facts justify this disparity in bio- medical research funding?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) estimated deaths at 2,250. HIV/AIDS under 13 = thirteen deaths.

2010 funding request for HIV/AIDS = 25.8 Billion: $15.6 Billion for care, cash & housing assistance (HOPWA) for HIV patients & only .9 percent for prevention.

Total HIV/AIDS Funding since day one: $$ 330+ Billion dollars through 2010--over 1/3rd of a trillion dollars. ($150B thru 2004 from Henry J Kaiser Foundation and over $20+ Billion every year since then + Congress voted another $50 billion for global HIV, TB & Malaria + a significant portion of the $7.4 billion in the Stimulus Bill for the NIH Institutes will go to HIV because it is being distributed in pro-rata fashion based on the pervious year's funding when, as usual, HIV received 10 percent of the NIH budget.)

The infection rate for AIDS throughout the entire world is 1 percent or less except in two countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. See page 8 from UNAIDS here (large file, please be patient). For a specific country, click here.

For AIDS in India, where estimates were 100% inflated until recently by UNAIDS (The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS), click here.

SARS: "Current Situation" from the CDC states "there is no known SARS transmission anywhere in the world." Research monies  not disclosed by NIH. Press coverage:  disproportionate.

cases confirmed in the USA: 37, deaths =0 in 2003. No recent reporting is available from the CDC.

Statistical supporting links may be viewed here

Color pie chart and graph illustrating disparities in funding may be viewed here

Updates on Funding for your Disease of Interest is here.

Sixteen diseases killed a million more American than HIV/AIDS annually in 1999. There are more now.

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Worldwide, the most deaths be far are from non-communicable diseases: 16 million die of cardio-vascular disease, 7.3 million from cancer, 3.7 million from respiratory infections versus 3.1 million from HIV, a  communicable, STD
(sexually transmitted disease). See world clock here and click on "Death" in the middle column.

World-wide there are 160 million people with hepatitis C versus 34 million with HIV/AIDS.

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Volume 8: Issue 2


Elton John admits HIV "Not
Life-threatening Anymore"

In an appearance on TV's American Idol Gives Back, ironically to urge Americans to donate more money to battle HIV, Elton John admitted that HIV is "not life-threatening anymore." He did have good advice for those who are at risk, which includes men having sex with men, IV drug users and heterosexuals having sex with people who have HIV or are at risk of having HIV. Elton's advice: use condoms. Click on Elton to watch a video of him saying these words.

U2's Bono makes the case for less HIV
funding...2 pills, 40¢ = life

Rock star Bono take's Elton's comments one step further by revealing that HIV/AIDS patients only need to take two pills a day; two pills that only cost 40 cents. Click on Bono to hear him state this fact that begs the question, "..then why our we spending $3.1 billion--10 percent of the entire bio-medical research budget--on HIV/AIDS??"

Stunning California Success: AIDS death rate Plummets 99 percent, heading to zero
Diabetes deaths: 7,414

The California (CA) Department of Health Office of AIDS new reports state that in 1992, 9,802 patients who were diagnosed with AIDS died that same year. In '09 the number of patients who were diagnosed with AIDS and died in 2009 was 146 -a 99 percent rate decrease that illustrates the phenomenal success California and our country have achieved against HIV/AIDS. The overall total of CA HIV/AIDS deaths is down from 8,007 to 899--an 89 percent decline. It’s also noteworthy that some died from auto accidents, assaults, suicide, etc.—the Office of AIDS does not filter out those so the actual number who died from AIDS is actually less. Compare to that state's 7,414 deaths from diabetes. 

A redesign of our web site adds a
powerful reception to visitors

After greatly appreciated input from the newest member of our Board of Directors, Cathy Teal, with her 25 years of experience in advertising and marketing communications, we have redesigned our website, adding new links in the top header, bottom footer and have made our Home page much more powerful. We invite you to take a peek.

Our CEO invites Holly Robinson Peete and
Tim Gunn to be FAIR spokespersons

Holly Robinson Peete (L) was the runner-up on "The Apprentice" and won over $600,000 for her charity, Hollyrod Foundation, whose focus is autism, which receives poor funding from the government for bio-medical research. Tim Gunn is the TV personality on Project Runway who partners with super-model Heidi Klum to make the show a success. Our CEO, seen here in a chance airport meeting with Mr. Gunn, requested both celebrities be spokespersons for FAIR--to Mrs. Peete by email and personally to Mr. Gunn.

Diabetes drugs a cure for hepatitis C?
It may be true.

As opposed to the many, unfulfilled promises hepatitis C (HCV) patients have heard for years that new drugs are on the horizon to cure all patients, research at the United Kingdom's University of Leeds has indicated that the solution may actually come from a lucky find that diabetes drugs can help cure hepatitis C. Full story, click on the University's logo. Our thanks to FAIR member Debbie Green for bringing this to our attention. Debbie is CEO of the Greenview Hepatitis C Fund in Ann Arbor, MI.

FAIR communicates with GA Rep. Hank
Johnson regarding his hepatitis C

Georgia Congressional representative, Hank Johnson (D), announced he has been battling the hepatitis C virus. We wrote to Rep. Johnson and offered our help and educated him regarding the poor funding for HCV by the NIH and Congress. We hope he will be proactive in seeing that fair allocations are begun for, not just HCV, but for all maladies not presently receiving them.

FAIR Joins with HepCop in petition
to remove HIV representative

Presently, America's hepatitis C (HCV) patients are being represented at the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) by a man, Chris Taylor, who works for an HIV/AIDS organization, NASTAD (National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors) whose Executive Committee is comprised of 20 state AIDS directors, no HCV directors, and whose focus is clearly HIV. Our CEO, who has HCV, joined with other organizations in the group HepCop (Hepatitis C Oversight Partnership) in a petition to have Taylor removed from office and replaced with someone from an HCV organization whose sole focus is HCV advocacy. If you would like to join this petition click the "Time to Resign" logo. Our CEO joined with other FAIR members in communicating with the Founder of WHA to express our displeasure and you may read those communications here.

The National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) responded by adding hepatitis to their "Mission Statement." FAIR member and Founder of the Massachusetts Hepatitis Patient Empowerment Project (MaHepPEP) appropriately asked that they also change their name to reflect any serious efforts for hepatitis patients. Our CEO pointed out in his communications to the WHA that this token gesture by NASTAD was woefully inadequate and urged them to focus on more research for hepatitis C (HCV) since HCV has been killing more HIV/HCV co-infected patients than AIDS for over a decade. Click on the NASTAD icon to read the communications.

FAIR's CEO presents to the San Mateo Medical Center's Physicians

Our CEO, Dr. Darling, was honored to be invited and give our FAIR presentation to the physicians at the annual San Mateo Medical Center Staff meeting. Our thanks are extended to the group and Dr. Ann Marie Silvestri, Dr. Darling's classmate at the University of the Pacific Dental School, who is the Dental Program Manager at the San Mateo Medical Center and who made this possible.

Major research study: financial benefits to
donors would increase donation

With just under 108,000 Americans now on waiting lists for an organ - 85,379 of them for kidneys - researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Medical Center have found that payments to living donors and donor families by the US government would draw more participants without relying disproportionately on poor people. The “experts” on morals, the “medical ethicists” disagree. Clearly, none of their loved ones are dying in ICU’s today waiting for an organ transplant. Click on the "More Good News" logo for full story.

NY lawmaker wants FAIR’s recommended
organ donation policy as law

With the organ-donor waiting list rising every day and one of the present 106,000 dying every hour, we have been promoting the new organ-donor policy of Presumed Consent (PC) for years. Now, New York Assemblyman Richard Brodsky has introduced a PC bill into their legislative. Kudos to Assemblyman Brodsky! Full story, click on 108,000.

Illinois Fire Captain to receive kidney
From stranger he met on the Internet

..and now that stranger’s daughter will also be giving a kidney to a  complete stranger she also met on the internet. Full Story Matchingdonors.com has over 8,100 people who have signed up to donate a kidney. If you need a kidney transplant you may wish to investigate this well-established organization, the time you spend there may save your life.

FAIR's Liver Disease & Transplant Support Group Celebrates 9th Anniversary

Nine years ago we founded the FAIR Foundation Liver Disease & Transplant Support Group and with the assistance of liver transplant recipient, Jack Burke, we have been providing education, emotional support and referral for transplant to patients locally in Southern California and throughout the USA. Sadly, we have lost many over the years—on average, 1 every 3 months—and this reinforces our resolve at the FAIR Foundation to see new organ-donor policies instituted to reverse the organ-donor crisis in America by augmenting altruism and providing more organs for those in need. If you need help, click on the logo and phone us.

FAIR's dental service enables Euclid,
Ohio patient to be listed for transplant

In order to be listed for transplant you must have dental clearance to insure no infection will spread after you are transplanted and you receive immuno-suppressant medications. Ron in Euclid, Ohio could not afford the dental treatment so FAIR's dental outreach team at the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) reached out to their ACP dentists who removed the problem areas. Indeed, as a result of the pro-bono work of ACP dentist Dr Eric Fried, DDS, Ron is now listed for transplant with the Cleveland Clinic and waiting for his new heart. Kudos to this fine dentist! If you cannot get on the waiting list due to dental disease that you cannot afford to have treated, see this link to access the application to our dental plan.

UAL offering free air travel for
certain transplant participants

United Air lines has partnered with Transplant Recipients International Organization (TRIO) to provide transplant recipients, candidates, living donors and care-givers cost-free air transport for anyone when travel is transplant-related. For more information on this laudable program, click on the TRIO logo.

2011 NIH funding for each
disease now available

The 2011 estimated funding by the NIH is now available and it shows Alzheimer's at $480 million, diabetes at $1.78 billion, breast cancer $765 million, cardiovascular disease at $ 2.1 billion, HIV/AIDS at $3.2 billion and for over 6,000 rare illnesses only $467 million, down from $1.2 billion in 2006.

Stimulus bill funding for
each disease now reported

The stimulus bill (American Recovery & Reinvestment Act ARRA) has resulted in the NIH spending additional research funds on most diseases--how much on your disease of interest? Click here and see "2010 Estimated ARRA." 

Is this FAIR? We don't think so either.
Our Government's Bio-Medical Research Allocations
by the NIH and Congress

and for over 6,000 rare illnesses only $467 million, down from $1.2 billion in 2006.

2011 Funding announced:

  • HIV/AIDS increased $210 million

  • Cardiovascular disease decreased $200 million

  • COPD raised $11 million

  • Diabetes raised $26 million

  • Parkinson's raised $5 million

  • Alzheimer's 2009 figure today is $200 million less than what has been reported previously

  • Overall cancer funding up $500 million

  • Breast cancer funding up $24 million

FAIR adds Links page--let us know if you
want your organization included

We have added a page on which we are posting links to other organizations. If you would like your a link to your organization added here, just let us know at our email address: fair@dc.rr.com.

State Map to Donate Life Registry to become an organ donor. 1 donor can save 8 lives!

Newsworthy Headlines?

·        Central NY Real Time News: The Rev. Chauncey Brown, chairman of the Black Leadership Commission on AIDS in Onondaga, County, New York (population of 452,000 includes Syracuse, NY), called the local spike in HIV cases "shocking." What was the number? Perhaps one or two thousand? Nine in four months.

   ·       FAIR to the Economist magazine: your article on HIV/AIDS misleads as to the number of infections and causes undo alarm. Please publish a correction with the facts we provide.

Exactly who is receiving HIV research dollars?
Are they all in the USA? You'll be surprised

Where is the $3.184 billion in HIV research being spent and who is receiving the exorbitant funding? Click on the hands reaching out for the cash.


Do you auction items on E-bay?

If you sell an item on E-bay and participate in their program to benefit non-profit organizations and you would like to include FAIR in your philanthropy, you can easily donate a percentage of your revenue received to FAIR--as little or large a percent as you wish to donate. To learn how, click on the E-bay logo and we thank you! To see an auction that is donating to FAIR, click here.

FAIR's Board of Directors at work
In our continuing "get acquainted with the Board" series,
we are honored to profile the following Board members. 

Charles J. Goodacre, DDS, MSD, Dean, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, is the recipient of a 2008 American Dental Education Association Gies Award. The award is one of eight inaugural William J. Gies Awards for Vision, Innovation, and Achievement, and recognizes outstanding innovation by a dental educator. Dr. Goodacre has also been chosen as President of the American College of Prosthodontists and is a Past President of the American Board of Prosthodontics and an Executive Council Member of the Academy of Prosthodontics. Web CV

Ray Hill was named Houston’s Most Prominent GLBT Male Activist by Outsmart Magazine at their annual awards banquet. Ray, who was also first runner up in the "Male Hero" Category, is a past recipient of the ACLU Lifetime Achievement Award for advancing the rights of gay, lesbian and transgender citizens (GLBT), used to be one of America’s most strident AIDS activists. While still helping those with HIV/AIDS, Ray has switched his focus now to calling for fairer funding for non-AIDS illnesses, including hepatitis C and diabetes, the latter having caused amputation of his feet.

Donald Hillebrand; Medical Director, Liver Transplantation, Scripps Green Hospital, La Jolla, California
Web CV



From the Aloha state of Hawaii, Norman Kay is our patient advocate for Americans with prostate cancer. Norman battled prostate cancer successfully however that has not stopped him from advocating on behalf of the 1.9 million who have this illness, 27,050 of whom perished.

FAIR Continues its dental plan for transplant patients

If you have passed all of your pre-transplant requirements except for dental due to financial hardship, contact us and we will attempt to find a dentist that will help you pro-bono. We have helped many patients in the past and may be able to assist you also. For a complete summary of our dental plan for transplant patients, click the smile and download the information if you are in need of help.

FAIR Profiles States

What are the top ten causes of death for the citizens of Colorado and Delaware as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? Is HIV/AIDS one of them? If not, how do the top ten compare with HIV? For the top ten causes of death in these states and other interesting info, click on their map. For HIV/AIDS deaths in those and all other states, click here.

Your Disease's research dollars--where are they going?

Have you wondered where the money being spent on your disease is actually going--to what researcher in what country? Click here, find your illness, then click on the budgeted amount to get the full list of people researching your illness.

and it still receives 10 percent of the entire research budget

  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria reports dramatic progress with 4,000 fewer deaths every day. They have dispersed $10 billion and now want $20 billion more.

  • It comes as no surprise that another $1.84 Billion has been awarded in grants For HIV/AIDS Care and Medications by Health and Human Services in addition to the $15.6 billion already allocated for 2010. Seventy-five percent of Part A, B and C funds must be spent on "core medical services," which include outpatient health services, drug assistance, health insurance payments and medical nutrition therapy. The remaining 25 percent pays for support services that help people living with HIV/AIDS achieve desired medical outcomes. These services include but are not limited to respite care, medical transportation and linguistic services.

  • With a goal of creating jobs and enhancing chronic disease studies, the federal government is awarding a $9.7 million grant of stimulus funds to the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) for the construction of a new Chronic Disease Clinical Research Center on its campus. Part of the research will go towards HIV/AIDS.

  • Medical News Today: Novel stem cell gene therapy that has long-lasting effects against HIV even after a single treatment.

  • San Francisco officials and state legislators recognized the accomplishments of Dr. Gero Huetter, the German doctor who made headlines in 2007 when his team achieved the first functional cure for HIV.

The States continue great success against HIV/AIDS

 What percent decline in AIDS deaths have been achieved in America's states? Illinois 93, Kentucky98, Minnesota 90, Oklahoma 97, Alaska 84, Connecticut91, Hawaii93, Pennsylvania 98, W. Virginia 92 and so on throughout the USA reflecting the excellent success of HIV drugs, prevention education and harm reduction policies (providing clean syringes to IV drug users). Click the map to see all states and their progress.

FAIR's Press Release: Immediate Action Needed to Reverse America's Organ-Donor Crisis

Every hour a person on the waiting list or one who was delisted due to becoming too sick to be transplanted dies. You can help give all in need the "Gift of Life" by simply copying this opinion editorial and sending it to media and President Obama. Click on the Please Help logo!

Waiting for a Liver Transplant?

Are you waiting for a liver transplant?  Which areas/hospitals are transplanting years sooner than others. To calculate your MELD score and find the region/state that is transplanting at the lowest MELD score, click the liver.

The HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials
Parade Continues

In May there were 1,742 HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials, in August, 1,865, in October 2,233, As of 6/11/10 there are 4,361 listed for HIV and 4,620 for AIDS. Find out how many for your disease by clicking here. For example, there are a total of only 801 for Alzheimer's Disease, 1012 for COPD, and 858 for hepatitis C (many involving HIV & HCV).

World news reports for HIV like no other illness

What kind of attention does HIV get in the media. Well, we know it preoccupies much of the media health focus as evidenced by these numerous articles, indeed, hundreds of HIV news from one source alone since our last newsletter.


FAIR Members' Soapbox Alerts continue

...this month to those suffering from our diabetes and also for those suffering from both diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To easily send an alert today to President Obama, VP Biden, your Senators and Representatives in support of fairer funding for this illness, click the Soapbox logo!

Focus Disease of the Month: 
Hepatitis C (HCV)

     Hepatitis C is deadly: AIDS activists and physicians have admitted for years that more patients infected with HCV and HIV/AIDS are dying from liver failure with HCV as a causative factor than they are of the opportunistic infections that used to kill them. Estimated HCV deaths are now equal to that for HIV/AIDS in the USA. 

     Hepatitis C is serious: HCV is the number one cause of liver transplant and there is no vaccine to prevent it. Symptoms of advanced liver disease from HCV include throwing up blood, severe confusion, ascites, poor clotting, yellow coloring (jaundice), cramps, low cholesterol, kidney failure and diabetes, itching (pruritis, muscle wasting (cachexia), osteoporosis, pain, loss of sex drive,  sodium and potassium imbalances, skin pathology, light stools, dark urine, loss of appetite,  severe fatigue, insomnia, abnormal variations in blood pressure, swollen legs, and low bile output. 

    Long-term effects of hepatitis C? If you are notified by your MD that you are infected with HCV do not panic. Out of 100 people so notified, only 5–20 people will go on to develop cirrhosis over a period of 20–30 years and the low incidence of 1–5 people will die from cirrhosis or liver cancer.

    Is it possible to be cured of HCV? Approximately 15%–25% of people who get Hepatitis C will clear the virus from their bodies without treatment and will not develop chronic infection. Experts do not fully understand why this happens for some people. Others may have to take the treatment for HCV.

    Treatment for HCV: Alpha interferon with Ribavirin are used as a combination therapy to treat HCV. On average, it is only effective in 50 percent of patients.

    Should I take the treatment, which usually has severe side effects. Some urge all who are diagnosed with HCV to take the treatment. Others recommend that a patient have testing first to determine if there has been any damage to the liver (scarring AKA fibrosis). Such tests are an invasive liver biopsy or a simple blood test. If a patient has likely had HCV for many decades and such testing shows no damage, the patient may choose to forgo the difficult treatment.

    Vaccination and HCV? No, there is no vaccine for HCV. There is a vaccine for hepatitis A and hepatitis B--two different viruses.

     Hepatitis C is growing: The CDC estimates 1.8 per cent of the population is infected with HCV. September 1st population =  309,100,919 X 1.8 per cent =  5.5 million Americans estimated as having HCV. Compare to 950,000 - 1,000,000 estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS. 

    Hepatitis C is spread by blood to blood contact...as in when blood from a person infected with the Hepatitis C virus enters the body of someone who is not infected. Today, most people become infected with the Hepatitis C virus by sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs. You can also be infected by using your partner's toothbrush if you both have bleeding gums and also by sharing razor blades if you accidentally cut yourselves. HCV can also be spread by improper sanitary procedures involved in tattooing and body piercing.

    Hepatitis C and sex?? Hepatitis C is rarely spread by sexual contact because blood to blood transmission is required. HCV is not spread by semen. It is not categorized as a sexually transmitted disease. Fact.

    Hepatitis C is not spread..by sharing eating utensils, breastfeeding, hugging, kissing, holding hands, coughing, or sneezing. It is also not spread through food or water.

    Hepatitis C and pregnancy: Hepatitis C is rarely passed from a pregnant woman to her baby. About 4 of every 100 infants born to mothers with Hepatitis C become infected with the virus. However, the risk becomes greater if the mother has both HIV infection and Hepatitis C.

    Can a HCV patient be an organ donor? Yes, organs for HCV patients are routinely used on dying patients who also have HCV. They are not used in patients without HCV unless the ill patients consents to receiving an HCV infected organ. The CDC incorrectly states on their website that a HCV patient cannot be an organ donor. We wrote the CDC director in 2008 and the new director in 2009 and asked them to correct this gross error and they have refused to do so. By doing so they are causing some to not donate organs who would qualify and by improperly reporting this on the CDC website, some on the waiting list may die.

     Hispanics: Latinos have more than a 40 percent greater chance of being infected with hepatitis C than the general population (Latino Organization for Liver Awareness). 

     African-Americans: Black Americans are the most severely affected race due to their predominately having the strain (genotype 1) that is most resistant to treatment. 

    Statistics and information, unless otherwise noted, is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hepatitis C site (CDC).

    Hepatitis C and all other diseases except HIV/AIDS would receive significantly larger research allocations under The FAIR Foundation's recommended policies.

    Fairness? The NIH is spending only $23 on each patient with HCV in research versus $3,032 on each AIDS patient. This has resulted in 5 drugs for HCV and 79 new HIV AIDS drugs with 82 already approved. 

  Please forward this newsletter to your friends and consider FAIR this year for
your tax-deductible contributions...

As you consider your year-end tax-deductible donations, we would be most grateful for your financial support. Please help us benefit all who need fair and equitable research allocations for their disease of interest and to achieve new organ-donor policies to reverse the organ-donor crisis in America. Indeed, we are the only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to fairness in research funding and we respectfully ask for your help in funding our effort. Remember, we have no paid employees. Indeed; we are all volunteers so every dollar of your donation will go to continuing our educating Congress and the NIH on the need for change to insure fair funding for your disease of interest. Please make your donation on our secure website or mail a check made out to the FAIR Foundation at 78-629 Bougainvillea Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211. Thank you in advance for your generosity!  

The FAIR Foundation; E-mail fair@dc.rr.com FAIR is an apolitical 501 (c)(3) organization.

FAIR Mission Statement: The FAIR Foundation is dedicated to fair and equitable distribution of research funds by the government for all diseases, including the 16 that kill a million more Americans than AIDS. A disease’s mortality rate shall be given emphasis in determining allocations and other secondary factors shall be utilized to insure diseases that cause great suffering but have low mortality rates will also receive significantly increased funding.

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