A Sample of Press Releases and Opinion Editorials issued by the FAIR Foundation

Press Releases

The FAIR Foundation Strongly Criticizes President Obama for Increasing Domestic HIV/AIDS Funding 3/27/12

"National Advocates Speak Out About Bio-medical Research Priorities" by FAIR Board member, William Remak 03/07/12

The FAIR Foundation Sponsors an Online Poll to Determine If Citizens Would Accept $50,000 to be an Organ Donor 01/24/12

A Post-transplant Patient Speaks Out: “We Have an Organ-Donor Crisis and Need an Additional Policy!” 12/1/11

The FAIR Foundation to Congresspersons: We Have an Organ-Donor Crisis! Please Act Promptly 8/23/11

2nd group calls on Congress to Suspend NIH Grants and Criticizes NIH Spokesperson’s Response 8/2/11
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On the 30th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS, FAIR’s Board of Directors 7/20/11
asks HIV Advocates: “What is your next challenge?

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Transplant Recipient speaks out: “Shame on the American Diabetes Association”  6/13/11


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