Help us drive legislation to make more organs available for transplant and bring educational and emotional support to pre- and post-transplant patients.

Kidney & Liver Disease Patient Education & Support

The Coachella Valley Support Group, a program of the FAIR Foundation, provides emotional and educational support, referral information and strong peer support. 

Leading doctors and other healthcare professionals in the treatment of liver and kidney disease are regularly invited guest speakers. 



FAIR Foundation opposes the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act of 2017

The FAIR Foundation Board of Directors has carefully examined the Dialysis PATIENTS Demonstration Act of 2017 (S. 2065) (HR 4143) (“the PATIENTS Act”), and strongly opposes its adoption.  Read complete discussion.

FAIR Foundation supports the “Living Donor Protection Act of 2017”


Physicians specializing in the treatment of kidney/liver disease, transplantation surgeons, dieticians and social service experts volunteer their time to help you understand and manage your disease in an informal, non clinical setting during our monthly support group meetings. 

Upcoming Events

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