Corporate Officers 

William (Bill) RemakBSc, Ms.MT, BPH, SGNA, AHCJ

William (Bill) Martin Remak, Founded the Global Immunization Action Network Team (GIANT) and now serves as its senior advisor. He is a Medical Technologist and former faculty member of the University of California, San Francisco. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Administration from San Francisco State University and a Master of Science in Clinical Science, Remak became a volunteer for the American Liver Foundation (ALF) and after a year joined the Board of Directors at the Northern California Chapter from 1994 through 2002. Remak is the founder and CEO of the California Hepatitis C Task Force, current Chairman of the International Association of Hepatitis Task Forces; Executive Director of the National Working Group on Evidence Based Healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia and serves on the community advisory board to the VA National Hepatitis C Program. Remak sits on the Board of Directors and the community advisory committee of Partnership Health Plan of California, a managed care plan for Medicaid subscribers serving 14 Northern California Counties. He is also a founding senior executive board member and advocacy director of the FAIR Foundation, a national research advocacy and educational organization seeking reforms in our nation's organ transplant policies.

Alison Beier
Vice President

Alison Beier is a living kidney donor for her son Evan, a two time kidney transplant recipient. The procedure was the first distinct ABO incompatible transplant where the B antibodies were removed from the transplant recipient. Alison was AB+ and her son was A-. Alison is a pediatric transplant advocate and serves on the Medi-Cal Advisory Panel.

Stuart Greenstein, MD, FACS

Dr. Greenstein is a senior transplant surgeon at the Montefiore Medical Center Kidney Transplant Program in New York, NY.  He has served on the American Society of Transplant Surgeons Ethics and Standards on Organ Procurement Committees, and the National Kidney Foundation Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Greenstein chaired the Organ Availability Committee of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and co-chaired the ad hoc Committee on Public Solicitation. He has been an active member of the Kidney Pancreas Transplant Committee of UNOS

Jack Burke, FAIR Treasurer

Jack Burke

Jack Burke, Accountant, owner of Burke Management Accounting Services and patient advocate for patients with liver disease. Jack has moderated the FAIR Foundation's Liver Disease and Transplant Support Group for the past 12 years. The Group gives patients and caregivers the opportunity to get questions about their disease answered in an intimate, relaxed setting, provides emotional support, hope and whenever appropriate, referral for transplant.

Cathy Teal
Executive Director

Cathy Teal has 30 years of experience in advertising & marketing communications. In 1986, Cathy founded her creative services firm. As an entrepreneur serving private & public sectors, Cathy always found time to help non-profit organizations. In appreciation of her work with NPOs, the National Association of Women Business Owners awarded her a Special Recognition Award. Teal graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphics and mass communications from Middle Tennessee State University.

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