American Patients are waiting for an organ transplant
    2,553    Organ transplants in 2015
    1,192    Organ Donors in 2015 despite efforts to increase organ donation  

The Result...
Nearly 20 patients die each day due to a shortage of organs for transplant

The Solution: Financial Incentives for Organ Donation
The majority of Americans support financial incentives for organ donation as a legal, cost effective and compassionate solution.

(See proposed legislation)

  • Nearly 20 patients die each day due to a shortage of organs for transplant.

  • There has never been more than 14,750 deceased and living donors in any ONE year.

  • In the United States, less than 20 people out of one million deceased donors have organs that are in a condition that allows them to be transplanted after death. (1)

  • Over 11,000 people in the U.S. died while waiting for an organ transplant or died after becoming too ill for transplant in 2013. That number is expected to increase to increase each year.

  • There are over 130,000 patients in this country who need an organ transplant. Over 15 patients are added to the waiting list every day.

  • The majority of the people transplant waiting list, need a kidney transplant. The wait for a kidney transplant in California averages 8 to 10 years.

  • Over a half a million people are on dialysis. Trends indicate that number will increase with the aging of our population and the escalating occurence of diabetes, hypertension and other causes.  

(1) Organ Donation, Opposing Viewpoints, Laura K. Egendorf, editor. © Greenhaven Press, Gale Cengage Learning.


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